Pleasure Satellite


Nevan’s life is nothing but duty and honor. The eldest son of a prestigious House, he has a life mapped out ahead of him, including mating a woman for whom he feels nothing but brotherly affection. But then one night he discovers a woman who makes his blood boil and his body hard.

Seena has known nothing but blood and pain in her life. A fighter for the BloodRing, she is nothing more than spectacle, her life and death meaningless except as entertainment for the masses. Then one night a male comes to her in secret with a bargain the likes of which she has never been confronted with. The ultimate fight, which will lead her either to freedom…or to his bed.

Nevan will allow nothing to stop him from possessing the human. On the Pleasure Satellite anything is permissible, and to the strongest goes everything


Science Fiction Romance
Romantic Geek Publishing
Release Date: May 7, 2014
(Original: May 4, 2011)
ISBN: 978-1-93859-316-1

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The Romanceaholic Rating: A very sultry 4.5/5 Stars

Wonderfully romantic and incredibly sexy, this story is recommended for fans of alpha heroes torn between love and duty, of a warrior heroine finding bliss in the arms of a man she can have no future with, and of highly sensual love stories where happy endings are possible no matter what obstacles stand in the way

TwoLips Reviews Rating: 4 out of 5

Pleasure Satellite by Danielle Monsch is a super hot story…. Ms. Monsch has created a fantastic book with well written characters and a unique and interesting plot. Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Sensuality Rating: Sultry…. Seena is Nevan’s equal on the battlefield and in the bedroom. The sex between them is explosive Rating: 4.5 out of 5

…Ms. Monsch has penned one sexy story. The heat comes off the pages in waves and will have you reaching for the nearest fan to cool down. I love strong characters, and that is exactly what I got with Pleasure Satellite. Nevan and Seena complement each other’s strengths and are dynamic together…. Danielle Monsch has a fan in me. I hope she keeps the stories coming because she is on my "watch" list for new releases


Ramus brought her to a large sparring hall, weapons out and at the ready. Nevan was already there, leaning against a wall, watching her as she came in. Ramus gave a small bow and left them alone.

The nerves were making it near impossible to speak. Trying to inject some calm into her chaotic thoughts, she went to examine the swords.

They were beautiful weapons, wonderfully balanced but not sharpened. They could still do damage if used correctly, but it would take a lot of work to kill someone.

Nevan’s voice broke through her thoughts. “This is not a killing match. They will do nicely to determine the winner.”

She nodded. “Yes, very nice.” She swallowed, looking at him, not letting her gaze falter from his. “What is the winning condition?”

“The first one on the end of a killing stroke loses.”

Yes, that seemed right. She worked both swords, felt them in her hands, and chose her weapon. “This is mine.”

He nodded, not gainsaying her decision, and removed his shirt before coming over to take the sword she had not chosen.

His body completely fulfilled her expectations of him. Thick and wonderfully muscled, a warrior’s grace and deadly precision evident in his movement. A thin layer of hair coated his chest, as black as the hair on his head, narrowing to a thin line that trailed down his stomach and disappeared beneath his trousers. “Are you ready to fulfill your part of the bargain when you lose, Seena?”

“I would never make a bargain I did not intend to honor, but I will not lose.” She motioned to the shirt carelessly discarded in the corner. “Do you often fight without any armor?”

He smiled at her, his eyes moving to the pulse point in her throat. “I will not deny myself any advantage I might wield. It was not part of the bargain.”

“Do not expect me to follow your lead, Tevarian.”

“It would not be an advantage for you, little human. Letting me look at your body will only remind me why I will win this match.”

“Oh really?” she asked, her arm warming up, moving the sword in strong arcs around her. “Do you truly believe you can win against a BloodRing fighter? Tevarian or not, I fight for my life every day. For freedom, I will fight twice as hard.”

“Keep speaking, little human. Your voice alone makes my dick ache. Hearing you now makes me long for the moment I will make you scream.”

Seena stopped talking to him then, stopped engaging him. She could not risk it any further. His words did something to her, caused a pressure that fighting never put in her.

Her focus needed to be on winning, on freedom. She would beat him.

She moved to the middle of the hall and stood at the ready. “When you charge, that is when we begin.”

He smiled.

And then he leapt.

His movement shocked her, how quickly he seemed to go from across the hall to almost in front of her. She could no longer afford to think. She needed to shut off her rational mind and simply react to him.

Their swords met. He was strong, but not so strong that she had never met his match in the ring. Usually when they were strong they were also slow, but unfortunately for her she realized this was not true with him.

When he blocked her sword her leg shot out to hit his knee, but he read the movements and blocked that attack as well. This was when she knew she was in trouble. He was strong, agile, fast and possessed that rarest quality, the one that made him dangerous.

He had a sixth sense in reading his opponents.

She shook the hesitation away from her, banished the negative thoughts. He was a worthy foe, but she ruled the BloodRing and she would not lose, not the most important battle of her life.

Sword met sword. He was able to maneuver around her, grab her from behind, but she brought her leg straight up and back, did a split while standing to hit his face with her shin. The pain and surprise caused him to loosen enough that she got away, but her sword stroke was parried.

They were near equals, each looking for the opening that would give them the split-second advantage that would win this battle.

Then he found it.

He grabbed her arm as she tried to disarm him, blocking her sword. She tried to use this to her advantage to sweep his legs, but he had caught on and instead used her imbalance against her, causing her to fall.

Before she could lift her head, his sword was at her throat, an eerie re-creation of her own battle the day before.

His eyes locked onto hers, the lighted green blazing as he stared down. “Is this a killing stroke, Seena?” he demanded. Frantically, she tried to think of some way to deny it, some way to let this fight, her hope of freedom, continue.

“Is it?” His voice was louder, strained, something barely held back behind it.

A conqueror stood above her, his chest rising in sharp pulses, sweat wrapped around every muscle. She swallowed, taking in his form, his strength, this male who had bested the ruler of the BloodRing. She was now his.

Tilting her head back, offering her submission as his due, she whispered, “Yes.”

With the swing of his arm Nevan threw the sword so hard it clattered against the far wall. In a quick move he lay over her, his hands wrapping themselves in her hair as his lips covered hers, his tongue opening her to his invasion.

There was nothing gentle in his possession. His nails scraped against her scalp, the occasional pull of her hair a pain that was tempered by the pleasure of the feel of his tongue in her mouth.

The heat of his body soaked into her, igniting in her an answering blaze. Every pull on her tongue caused a pulsing lower in her body, a riot of sensation skidding along her nerves. She brought arms and legs around him, her nails scratching down his back.

He growled, possessed, desperate. He reared up, his hands leaving her hair to rest on her top, ripping apart the material in a violent motion and baring her breasts to his eyes. His mouth latched onto a nipple, his rough tongue licking the rosy peak, sucking it into his mouth until it was a hard nub, sucking even harder when a groan erupted from her mouth.

“Nevan, someone will come,” Seena said, even as her hips bucked upward underneath him.

“I’ll kill them if they do,” he said, the dark tone of his voice leaving no doubt to the truth of his words.