Fairy Tales And Ever Afters, Volume One


"If you love Fairy Tales and Happily Ever Afters, these books are for you! Danielle Monsch does an extraordinary job retelling classic fairy tale favorites, but the fun part is she throws in her own naughty little twists" ~ Jessica Loves Books blog

The first three titles in the Fairy Tales & Ever Afters series in one compilation!

Loving a Fairy Godmother:

It ain’t easy being the only Fairy Godfather in existence, especially when the Fairy Godmother of your dreams wants you kicked out of the program.

Tiernan is given his hardest assignment yet – get a girl by the name of Cinderella her HEA or lose his status as a Fairy Godfather. His supervisor for this job is none other than Reina, the one woman he’s interested in and the one woman who wants nothing to do with him. Well, Reina better watch out, because Tiernan has decided Fairy Godmothers deserve to have Happily Ever Afters too.

Loving an Ugly Beast:

When a Beast gets a chance to become a Beauty, he takes it.

Benton never cared what anyone thought of him until Nissa entered his life, but to win her love he would do anything, including make a wish to a Fairy Godmother to change himself. Now he is everything he wasn’t before – handsome, charming, and desirable. But does Nissa really prefer beauty, or will she fight to get her beast back?

Loving a Prince Charming:

If you’re engaged to a Cursed Princess, don’t expect life to be easy.

Seth’s intended is the princess of the neighboring kingdom, a poor soul nicknamed ‘Sleeping Beauty’ because of the curse placed on her. While he’s never met her, he won’t let an innocent suffer and is determined to rescue her before the curse takes effect. But to get to her, he needs the help of Kira, his personal guard and best friend. Unfortunately, only love can break the curse, and while he has no feelings for the princess, his feelings for Kira grow stronger by the day…


Fantasy Romance
Romantic Geek Publishing
Release Date: May 10, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-938593-07-9

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