Woo-hoo! Just got a “DNF” review from Dear Author

And in exciting review news, I got reviewed on Dear Author!  (In case anyone is not familiar, Dear Author is one of the bigger Romance reviewing sites out there.)

Jayne from DA gave my story "Loving a Fairy Godmother" a DNF (did not finish). It seems that the "Cinderella as Voyeur" aspect of the story was not to her liking.

This I understand. While I know some would look at the above scenario and go 'Ooh la la', others would not be so pleased to find their sweet Cinderella watching another couple get it on.

Besides, how can you not love a review where the sentence "I did not want a vision of a sexual voyeur Cinderella to need to be bleached out of my brain" is used?

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New Post up at Heroes and Heartbreakers

Yup, I'm a day late posting about this, but I have a new blog post up at Heroes and Heartbreakers, where I talk about how I believe Dungeons & Dragons made it possible for us to have a dragon as a Paranormal Romance hero!

Here There Be Dragons: Are Dragons the Next Big Thing in Paranormal Romance?

Check it out if you have a moment. It's always fun when I can connect my love of D&D to anything on the Romance side of my life. :)

Six Sentence Sunday – 9/24

And hello once again everyone!

I have been gone for a couple weeks on vacation with the family and a few other real world things, but now am back to my writery life (and what a good life it is!)

It's good to be posting once again for six sentence Sunday. You may remember a few weeks ago I posted from an excerpt for a new series I was going to submit to my editor - a take on the Greek mythological gods, essentially putting them in the modern world and letting them run amuk.

The story has now been submitted, and I am just waiting for the thumbs up-or-down from my most gracious editor. We'll see what she says, but until then, I offer another six sentences to keep you amused.

From the first chapter, taking place immediately after the previous snippet ended.


“Get that look out of your eyes. I’m off the menu tonight.”

“Now that’s just wrong to get a woman worked up then not stick around to finish the job. You’re going to bring shame upon the name of Cupid.”

“Going by the name Jake at the moment,” replied the oh-so-gorgeous blond. He brought a bottle of beer to his mouth and took a long pull, his throat working as he swallowed the brew.

Electra blinked, her mouth going dry at the sight.


Of course, I shall keep you updated on the status of the story.

And check out more Six Sentence Snippets if you get the chance!

Latest Danielle Monsch News

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::August 25, 2011:: Danielle is now a regular contributor to Heroes and Heartbreakers
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Six Sentence Sunday – 8/28

Another Six Sentence Sunday! Lately it's the only constant blogging (on my own site) that I've been doing. Well, whatever works :)

Today's excerpt is from a WIP Christmas story. As I need to get this done... oh... immediately if I hope to have it out for the holiday season this year, I've been frantic in my efforts to finish it. Hey, tight deadlines are how I finished my first ever story, so we'll see if it works out again for me.

So my holiday story contains Japanese Christmas cake and Shibari. Hey, I felt the need to do a little different from the usual holiday fare.


Ren pulled the long length of red jute rope out of the box. "Aine, I don't understand."

"Really? Cause I finally understand everything, and you want to know what I decided once I realized what everything meant?"


"I decided that for this Christmas, you should get to wrap your gift."


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Six Sentence Sunday – 8/21

A-ha! Another Six Sentence Sunday is upon us! Fun times!

Today I shall give six sentences to a book that is out and available for purchase! Pleasure Satellite is my first release from Ellora's Cave. It's erotic Sci-fi romance. It started with me thinking how cool it would be to create a female gladiator. However, I don't write historical, so it seemed natural to put her into a sci-fi setting. And since we were talking Sci-fi, that meant I could create a sexy alien species so voila! my hero was created.

Anyway, here are my six, set right after they first meet. Remember, this story is erotica, so while this excerpt is not R-rated, it is certainly - ahem - suggestive.


His hand traveled slowly up, skimming her throat until his thumb caressed her bottom lip. “Your eyes met mine before your fight, and I became hard. During the fight, I felt pride in your strength, and after you had won…” his eyes narrowed on her mouth and his thumb pulled her lower lip down, surrounding itself with the moisture of her mouth. “Afterwards, if I could have gotten you away from that bastard, you would have been mine.”

Seena stepped back.


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Six Sentence Sunday

So through the magic of social media, I've heard about Six Sentence Sunday.

The Premise is simple: On Sunday, authors (published or not) post six sentences from one of their books. It could be a book that is already sold, a book you are trying to sell, or a book you are still writing and have no idea if it will ever be sold or not.

Bottom line: Anything goes, just make sure you are the one who wrote it.

It sounded fun to me. I'm one of those people who likes this type of thing - sneak peaks and spoilers make me happy. So, as is the way of most of my decisions, I said, "Why not?"

For my first post, I'm going to share a snippet of a WIP, one that will be heading off to my editor in about a week. The set-up is basically greek gods in the modern world.

Here is the first six sentences from Chapter 1


“Now this is one nymph I wasn’t expecting to see.”

The feather light feel of soft lips against her earlobe combined with that voice rich as warmed cognac had Electra squirming in her seat in instinctive reaction. “You shouldn’t sneak up on women like that, Cupid,” she said, but the admonishment was all fake indignation and the puff of laughter that ghosted her ear told her Cupid knew it.

Electra swung away from ogling the current stripper on stage to angle her body towards the male who started naughty stirrings in her libido. Cupid looked edible as always, sun streaked blond hair and grey-blue eyes that devoured you in long strokes. His face was hard enough to be masculine but so perfectly proportioned it was only a shade away from being called beautiful, with dimples that promised heaven and a mouth that guaranteed it.


Of course, I'll let you know how selling this puppy goes :)

If you have any interest in checking out the other authors who are participating, go the the official Six Sunday website